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Thank you great grandmother,

and thank you to all the members of the past generations to whom we owe our existence. There is a special person in the life of each one of us who has added beauty to our values and spirit. For me this special person is the mother of my grandfather. For this reason, I should first of all thank my great grandmother who healed everyone around her and passed her gift of healing on to her son.

It is a great source of pride to be the descendant of someone who shared her rare gift of healing and cured those who needed healing. I am very proud to follow in her footsteps. I grew up believing that love is the most powerful cure. Throughout my life I stood by those who needed help. As I remember my great grandmother with utmost respect, I reflect that my designs symbolize a meditation diary for this very reason. Regardless of our beliefs, we seek ways of finding peace in our lives and we struggle to apply what we have found to our lives. My grandfather and his mother had visitors from neighbouring villages who came to them to be healed. In an age when there are no longer visitors from other places in search of a cure, I wanted to try being a small part of an utopia where peace is the sun. I wanted to contribute to healing by transforming – healing that prayers seek to call; healing that Alfa-Bioenergy, AstroHeal and Reiki gives by touch; healing that thoughts make us reach through drawing. I wanted everyone around me to be healthy and peaceful, joyful and happy, have fun and be successful, and I wanted to do my best so that I may contribute to their reaching these goals.

Our every action – what  we write, say and draw – exists  in the universe and becomes part of the universe. Our lived experience has traces of the universe. All the power and diversity of the universe exists together with us. As every part is intimately bound with another, all our actions and all the objects we create are infused with the love nourished by the universe within us; and this love radiates to all those around us. At a time when we need love most, love is offered for sale as an imitation item in market shelves. To distill love from all the beauty in the universe and to share this love are debts we have to pay because we exist in the universe. And we are obligated to create and share love with senses most pure and with thoughts most beautiful – we have to share the beauty of the universe in the universe and with the universe.

If you like my drawings on this page and if  you think for a few seconds that they are beautiful then I will feel I have made a good contribution to your life from afar, albeit for a brief moment . This will be enough for me to feel that I have honoured the memory of my great grandmother.

Thank you for reading this piece and for learning about my existence in the universe. Even though I haven’t met you and I don’t know about you, I wish with all my powers that your happy days will multiply. With these wishes, you will have received beautiful wishes from someone you don’t know and I will have gift wrapped the beautiful wishes coming from the universe and sent them to someone I don’t know.

I wish that all the  paths in your life journey are comfortable, all the stops on the way are beautiful, all your fellow travellers are your friends, the landscape along the trip is magnificent, all your experiences are informative and all the time you spent is peaceful. Have a good trip!

Enteka : means 11 in Greek – the language of the lands where my ancestors were born; 11 is also the day I was born.

Birol Boyacioglu
Founder of Enteka Design